Nonprofit Empowerment Group Inc. specializes in providing administrative management and general management consulting services in the domains of strategy, program design and implementation, and human resource.

Our culturally diverse experts offer advice and customized solutions to help our clients enhance their growth and impact and reduce risk. Across the continents, we retain our clients by building trust, sustained communication and consistent, quality service.

Nonprofit Empowerment Group is committed to enhance the social and economic value of organizations by aligning people, resources, and technology. With an outreach extended beyond the borders of the United States, NEG is serving communities that are spread over five continents.

We provide event management, disaster relief, translation and interpretation services leadership development training, religious services, scientific and technical consulting services, and administrative and support services in US and in combat areas.


Angela Massey is a United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Fellow, which aims at enhancing the mutual knowledge and understanding between peoples of Northern and Southern hemispheres. UNAOC is an intergovernmental initiative which aims to improve relations across cultures, combat prejudice, build lasting peace and build bridges between cultures and societies through dialogue and cooperation. The aim of the fellowship is to deconstruct stereotypes, build understanding and trust among emerging leaders, and create a climate for collaboration, exchange and peace.

She serves as a board member for various not-for-profits and contributes to causes relating to education, health and nutrition.